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Welding Sunglasses

Welding Sunglasses with Dark Shades

These welding sunglasses are suitable for low or medium-amperage welding. Besides this, they look pretty cool when worn at your garage while working.

Welding Sunglasses
Welding Sunglasses Image

These slight green welding sunglasses are ideal if you enjoy a retro style. Also, the side guards make sure to give extra protection to the eye area.

Welding Sunglass
Welding Sunglasses Photo

The dark-shaded sunglasses are for almost all welding applications. In addition, the wrap-around frame ensures protection of the eye by preventing UV rays from any angle.

Pictures of Welding Sunglasses
Sunglasses for Welding

This one may appear like a casual sunglass but the lenses are quite dark for you to see anything around except when welding. However, if seeking something with maximum protection, you can wear a welding helmet or other dark-shaded sunglasses instead.

Welding Sunglasses Picture
Photos of Welding Sunglasses

Auto-Darkening Welding Sunglasses

Apart from protecting the eyes from sparks and harmful radiations, they automatically adjust the shade from light to dark or vice-versa as per requirement.

Images of Welding Sunglasses

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